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Company established
Founded in 2014, Benrong Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-driven national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and sales of energy storage power supplies.
Technology patent
Has 90 product appearance design patent certificates, 45 product utility model patent certificates, 10 invention patents, 10 computer software patents and many other patent certificates.
Reduce CO2 emissions
Benrong Technology focuses on environmentally friendly energy storage power supply, green power generation, self-production and self-use, advocates the use of cleaner outdoor power consumption methods, and reduces carbon emissions and environmental pollution caused by traditional power generation.
Green Power for a Blue Planet
Innovate the way of using electricity with the power of science and technology, and contribute to the construction of a green world. Pushton's green mobile energy storage power supply lights up the light of outdoor life like home.
User Coverage
Benrong Technology has a mature and complete energy storage technology value chain, and is good at industrial design, structure, software and hardware, and battery development, forming a comprehensive and complete production service system. After ten years of hard work, the user range of power products has exceeded 30 million, and its business covers Asia, Europe, America, North America, South America and other countries and regions.